"I'm gonna eat your toes!!"

Living hotdog

The killer hot dog

The killer hotdog is a monster created by The God of Hot Dogs. He was once a really bad tasting hotdog, but was brought to life when the god of hotdogs shot him with his "wand".

Hotdog JobEdit

The killer hotdog was created when the Marvin was selling bad hotdogs, and the god of hotdogs offered to make them taste better. He set the hotdog on the ground and acts as if he is going to "box" with the hotdog. While trying to do so, the hotdog fell on the ground. The god of hotdogs then shouted: "Oh my got, he's coming for me!" and shot a blast from his wand at it. Afterwards, the hotdog came to life and grew eyes and a mouth. He then shouted: "I'm gonna eat your toes!!' and starts making odd sounds. The Marvin then tells the hotdog god to turn it back, but then he admits that he's not a god and he doesn't know how to turn it back. As he is still speaking, the hotdog busted through his chest and laughed. Marvin screams. The god of hot dogs gurgled as blood came from his mouth.

"Oh, shut up,it's not that bad." the killer hotdog said.

The god of hotdogs tried to stab it with his wand, but the hotdog jumped out of the way, making the god of hotdogs stab himself. After a while of gurgling, he said he was going to go home, but the hotdog busted through his head, evidently killing him. Then the hotdog attacked Marvin, threatening to eat his toes. While he was trying to kill Marvin, a guy came up, asking for his lucky marshmallow(he had eaten it. What a moron). Then he picked up the killer hotdog and eating it's head off. He died, but at the end, when Marvin retired, a guy asked for a hotdog. When Marvin walked away, he said: "Oh. I'll just get one myself. How hard can it be?" and walked off the screen, and said "Oh my got, these hotdogs are alive! They're attacking me!" as you can hear the killer hotdogs laughing, and you can hear the sounds of them eating him. The killer hotdogs are not seen again, but are mentioned in All Gone. It is also mentioned in the extended version of "Trapper", which can be watched on youtube here: Klay World: Trapper Extended Ending Included

In this version, it shows that at the end, when the main charcter shows that his hand was bitten by a hotdog, and it shows that his had has a mouth and eyes. It says lines from the killer hotdog, including "I'm gonna eat your toes!!"

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The killer hotdog is a hotdog with two large eyes and a mouth.

The killer hotdog is insane, making odd sounds and saying random things, and laughing in joy when killing people.