Rick 2

Rick the Prick (Or just Rick) Is Chip's best friend. His nickname may have come from his excessive piercings which muffle his speech, and make him look like a punk. Chip seems to be the only one who can understand him, as Dr. Bob says;

"Yeah, here's the thing, I don't know what you're saying. I kind of have to guess."

Rick is sad when he can't go in the truck with Chip, Pick, Dr. Black, and Smiling Gary, which hints that, like Chip, he wants to make it big someday too. When the Peach aliens attack and rebuild him, he uses this newfound hate towards Chip, and attempts to destroy him. At the end, he is seen impaled on the Klay World flag.

In The Rodent however, Dr. Bob said he saved him, but possibly gave him brain damage, seeing as how he can only scream angrily.

He then reappears in Klay World: All Gone as is Chip's best friend again. Towards the end of All Gone, Henry uses a rocket launcher to blow up Dr. Bob and Chip, but just before he fires, Rick runs up to the rocket launcher and puts his finger in it, causing the gun to blow up, killing Rick and Henry but saving Dr. Bob and Chip.

It is unknown if Chip rebuilds Rick.