Marv is the so called sherrif of klay world and is always wering a yellow baseball cap and a mustash. He has been scene in verious klay world episodes such as (klay world moves and the rodent). Marv is also scene many many times in klay world off the table. marv has a voice that sounds like his nose is pluged wich gives him part of his funny factor.Edit

In klay world off the table Marv apears whering his hat and mustash and a belt with a flashlight in it. he stays on the table with Dr.Bob and the guys while smiling garry,, chip, and pick leave. When the aliens arive on the table king womp gets in a heated discution with marv wich ends with marvs death.

in the rodent it becomes odvious that marv was rebuilt and back to his usual self. He is still wering the stash and hat butt without the belt, insted he has a sherrif star on his chest. He helps try to catch the rodent with the ather guys but fails because he can't fire a gun.

The last Marv apearence was in klay world moves in wich he shows up whering nothing but the hat and mustash. He tells three klaymen that the table is not missing but in another room then leaves.

Marv is in Robert Benfers new movie KlayWorld All Gone. He was part of the group to defeat Dr. Bob and rebuild Klayworld. But he lied as shown while killing Vince with a shotgun saying if Klayworld is really ending his new goal is to be the last one alive. However before he can kill Chip, Pick comes in quickly, punches him in the face, and he hits a stick neck-first sofocating him.