Grenade Gregory

Grenade Gregory is a klay man obsessed with grenades. He kills several klay men before killing himself in a mad frenzy. He looks like a normal klay guy except for a belt and army helmet.

He starts by coming to a game. He says hi and pulls out a grenade. He throws it and it lands in front of a guy. Thinking green is in the game the guy says "go green" before it explodes. He throws one at another who kicks it to another and braces himself. The other guy kicks it back over and the grenade explodes. As they run over to the others one guy says he's being imature. He throws it at the guy and it gets stuck on hs head and explodes. Having 3 grenades left he throws it at one guy because he says he's not afraid. The guy picks the grenade up and it explodes. He removes the last 2 from his belt and almos throws one but a cop comes. The cop tells him to get on the ground. Both grenades explode killing Gregory and the cop.