Dr. Bob is, "The best doctor in Klay World". Ironically, he has no medical experience, and usually ends up killing people while doing operations. He is probably called the best doctor because he might be the ONLY doctor in all of Klay World. He is blue, like most of the other Klay men in Klay World, but wears a doctors coat,which was later replaced by a normal trench coat when he retired. He was in the resistance against the Peach Aliens when they conquered Klay World.

In All Gone, Dr. Bob is revealed to be the actual creator of Klay World. He appeared on the table alone, and found a huge blob of clay. So he created Klay World out of it, and deliberately made silly situations for them to kill each other with for his amusement. He eventually got tired of it,and planned to have all Klay people kill each other in one swoop,but never rebuild them,and travel outside. This was thwarted by Chip however,and his plans failed when he got into a huge fight with him. He was then left to die as Chip went to rebuild Klay World,with Dr. Bob wondering that maybe Klay World can change before finally dying.


  • Klay World: Off the Table
  • All Gone