4420147263 Klay World Off the Table 2005 RARE

Dr. Black (Pictured on Right) and Pick.

Dr. Black is (According to Dr. Bob) The smartest man in Klay World. Though in reality, he is just as stupid as everyone else. (This is debatable, seeing as how he claims to have built the Time Hat.) Ever since Pick ruined his mission plans he has a strong dislike for him, constantly abusing him and ridiculing him. He wears a tie with polka dots.

He is the leader of the expedition in Klay World: Off the Table, and was the one who bought the truck online. (Though he claims he built it.) Early in the journey, it is clear that he has no idea what he is doing. Chip notices this, and demands to stop the car, and go sit on a shovel to think things over.

During this, Chip snaps at the Dr. after he tells him "All men make mistakes" buy calling him a woman. Black goes insane, and in a blind fury attempts to run Chip over, instead crashing the car, and fataly injuring himself.

With his dying breath, he tells Chip that he needs to go back, retrive the Time Hat and go back in time, confronting him in the past and preventing this horrible expedition from ever hapening. The Dr. dies in the night, and the remaining crew heads back to Klay World.