DISEASE is a Klay World episode about people dying from an invisible disease.

It starts off with 3 people standing in a group. Another man comes along, coughing. A klayman asks "You okay there?" and he tells them about the disease. After that, the klayman splits in half and dies. The third klayman said "I sure hope I don`t get the disease. He DID touch me." After that, his upper torso floats upwards, removed from the waist, and into the ceiling fan, where he is shredded into pieces. A piece lands on the second klayman, and he proceeds to vomit his small intestine. After that, a man with a hot dog walks over to the remaining klayman. The remaining klayman says "I sure hope you didnt get that from that guy" and it shows the hot dog man, dismembered into a giant blob of flesh. The klayman with a hot dog eventually has his head exploded. His brain pierces the other klayman in the head, killing him.